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Git Source Control Provider is a Visual Studio extension that integrates Git with Visual Studio.

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What's New

V 1.3
  • Add Settings to Pending Changes tool window
  • Add Settings menuunder GitTortoise (linquize)
  • Bug fixes (by Sam Harwell)

V 1.2
  • Support Visual Studio 2013
  • Bug fixes (by Sam Harwell and Ubikuity)

V 1.1
  • Performance Improvement (by Sam Harwell)
  • UI declutter and cleanup (by Sam Harwell)
  • Various bugs fixes (by Sam Harwell)
  • Visual Studio 2012 dark theme support (by Sam Harwell)
  • Refresh Git status using the solution refresh button (by Sam Harwell)
  • Use Visual Studio code editor to display diff in the pending change window (by Sam Harwell)

V 1.0.0

How to use

  • Open your solution controlled by Git to see the files' status.
  • Right click within solution explorer and select "Git" related menus.

Source Code

  • git://
Welcome to fork and improve it.

Notes for Git 1.7.10+ Users

Since 1.7.10, Git for Windows supports UTF-8 encoding internally. If you are using non-ASCII file names, please follow this page to see how to update your Git settings and how to migrate your repositories.

Project Roadmap

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