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Please make the Git submenu available in editor context menu (like in solution explorer)


Currently if I right-click on a file in Solution Explorer, I get the Git (branchname) submenu working fine - however, if I right-click in an editor window with the same file open, there's no Git submenu.

This might just be habit since TFS had a source control submenu in the editor context menu, but it would be great to have the Git submenu that's already present in the Solution Explorer context menu to be added in the editor too!



280Z28 wrote Aug 14, 2013 at 1:49 PM

I've been trying to reduce the menu "clutter" introduced by this extension. Might I suggest one of the following alternatives?
  1. Use the pending changes window.
  2. Use Solution Explorer to commit the file changes. If you use Visual Studio 2012, there is a button that looks like this: ⇄ which will locate the current editor's file in Solution Explorer. If you use Visual Studio 2010, I wrote an extension that allows you to right click the editor tab and click Find in Solution Explorer: