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Git Source Control Provider has an useful feature called auto refresh. Every time git repository is modified, it automatically refreshes the Git File Status, as well as the changed files in pending changes window and the graph in View History window.

Auto refresh is triggered by working directory changes. It is not limited to file modifications in visual studio. Git operations outside visual studio using other git tools  cause refresh too. This is a handy feature that inform the git repository status almost real time.

While it works well with smaller solution, it has performance issue with big visual studio solutions. Scanning changes for big solutions takes time.  An option is provided to disable the auto refresh feature.


When auto refresh is disabled. The file status icons in the solution explorer will not be effected. They still keep updating accordingly. Only the pending changes window and the View History window stop refreshing automatically. The window title shows [AUTO REFRESH DISABLED]. You need to manually click the Refresh button to have content of these windows updated.


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