TortoiseGit configuration?

Jun 26, 2011 at 5:56 AM
Edited Jun 26, 2011 at 11:47 PM

I am using VS 2010 on Win 7 32-bit.  I have Git for Windows (Git only, not msysGit) and TortoiseGit installed (latest versions).  I have downloaded and installed the latest provider.  I don't seem to be able to execute any TortoiseGit commands even though they appear in the popup menu in VS when I right-click a file in the Solution Explorer.  When I select a command, I see a flash of a command window that immediately goes away.  Both Git and TortoiseGit appear to be working outside of VS.

Is it possible I don't have the provider configured properly to work with TortoiseGit?  What exactly should I have in "Path to TortoiseGit" text box in the Options dialog?


I made some progress by setting the Path to TortoiseGit to ...TortoiseGit\bin\TortoiseProc.exe 
Now the correct TortoiseGit tools run when I select them from the context menu in VS.  However, there is still something not quite right.  When I right-click on a modified file in the VS Solution Explorer and select the TortoiseGit Commit command, I do get the correct command window, but the context is not what I would expect.  Even though I righ-clicked on a single file, the Commit command shows a list of all the files in the folder, which is quite a few.  Then I have to find the one I actually wanted to commit.  If I do the same thing through Windows Explorer, only the file I right-clicked on is shown in the Commit window, which makes much more sense.  Is this a bug or still something wrong with my setup.  I am running VS 2010 Ultimate Edition.

Update #2:

Everything seems to be OK now.  The above issue happens only when the file has not yet been "versioned" in Git yet.  For revisions of previously commited files, the Commit command works as expected.  Sorry if this was supposed to have been obvious.  I am new to Git.

Thanks for the provider!